How to become the best version of yourself; Learn from the best and listen to the Worlds #1 Wealth Coach J.T. Foxx.

A public letter to the Worlds #1 Wealth Coach J.T. Foxx with much appreciation.

JT and Thomas.
J.T., I love your energy, power and presence. You are always on fire. I have never been disappointed, ever! You are very inspiring J.T. I like your style. I like your straight talking no BS kind of attitude. There is no excuses. I have been very inspired by your testimony and your mindset. You are the real deal. It is not just talk with you, but you really do indeed “walk the walk,” and you are a a real action taker. Action that can move mountains that is what you take. The skills that you have developed is to a large extent also a recognition of that we can so if we really apply urselves, perhaps not all by ourselves, but by surrounding ourselves with the right positive like-minded people around us. People that are driven and have a similar mindset and we need to be copying what they have done to achieve their goals, what is working for them and take the similar type of action as they have taken before. You have also told us the importance of being and staying humble and coach able. You have for example always been coach able and you are still coach able and now you teach us that we have to be coach able too. You have taught us that this is the only way to grow and become truly great. Pride can be a the thing that can stop a person to change something within themselves that actually is defunct and very much needs to change. This flaw of pride can really make it hard to develop and change peoples situation if they are prideful. They become their own biggest obstcle and snare. Pride is literally a stumbling block and it is a real killer and it destroys a persons chances of becoming truly great. It is very important to be humble and to take action. It means we have to get out of our own comfort zones.
Through your great digital Coaching training program the Wealth Workout, you have shown us how you were in the beginning of your career and how your life looked before all of your success but how you managed to turn that situation around with the help of your coaches. I know that your life has not only been easy but you have “walked the walk.” You have developed it ever since then and now you help thousands of people around the world with creating their businesses and live successful lives. It is absolutely amazing. It is a big number of people who you have helped! I do love the fact that the style you use when teaching people all of this may well be somewhat against what the world expects. This is not really taught in school, college, university etc. but everyone can be successful with this mindset. Without you and your organization, I would not have been where I am today. I know that for a fact. I now have a network of almost two thousand people from all over the world that I can do business with. The opportunities this has given me are unlimited I feel. I have been inspired enough to take a lot of action and this has resulted in that I and my business partner has started not only one, but actually three organizations between us (including our MLM company Helo LX Scandinavia). This is all because of the fact that you and your amazing family of like minded people that you have around you have actually changed my whole mindset and the way I look at myself, how to best conduct business and my life in general. It has been incredible and this is only the beginning I feel. I have so much more to accomplish and so much more action to take, but one year ago I would never even have thought any of this would have been even possible but you have shown me and so many others that it is.

JT Foxx.

You and your organization and all the people in the J.T. Foxx Family network have been very important to me. I feel that through you, I have learned in a very short time to take action and to become a better speaker and presenter. I really do love the atmosphere. Failure is not an option! It has changed the way I think and it means I think differently in many situations now which is extremely important in business. We have to continue to remind ourselves of all the things you have taught us. When it becomes habits and habits becomes a lifestyle it is not even something we have to think about any more. Then it becomes natural and that is life-changing. That is one of the reasons it is so important to surround our self with the right people. You have showed that nothing is impossible. Nothing is impossible for none of us and the great network of people that have all those things in common and are open and willing to learn are priceless. I would never have had the opportunity to meet and connect and network if it was not for you. This is priceless because i literally don’t have a business if I don’t have the network. You teach us how to prioritize our time and be effective and don’t work in our business but on our business.

Finally and this is very important I love the fact that you have a good heart regardless of what negative people say. They don’t know and we don’t surround ourselves with them anyway. I say this because you want to help people no matter where they are form, sex, colour and background does not matter to you. Everybody can help them self by taking action and you show them where to fish. Not fishing for them, giving them a fish, but showing them how to fish by themselves. They get the tools and they then need to take their own action and I have seen that you love when all kinds of people get success regardless of their history, background etc. That I really do love about you. I am looking forward to a great future and I am very grateful for all of this that you have done to my life and to mi wife Helena’s life. What you do is life-changing and I hope many more people will experience how great you really are and what you can do for them period.

JT and me.




Thomas Vernholm..

I have set my self some really big goals in life for the things I want to achieve however I have not always known how to go about to reach them. I needed help and some great coaching. I am by nature however outgoing and will I will always make an extra effort to reach these goals, but sometimes effort is not enough and you do need outside guidance and help from someone that knows better and have done it all before. I have learned this and that is probably one of my life’s most valuable lesson today! I think it’s important to keep what you agree and what promise. There may come things in the way in life, things that you don’t expect, stumbling blocks, emergency situations, but no matter what if others expect something, it’s important to explain and keep others updated. In short, it’s important to be communicative and honest. Integrity is everything to me and that I am a man of my word. I’m targeted in my activity when I know where I’m going and I love to see results. I have the will, the desire and the energy to accomplish what I have set for myself and with the right power team around me I have realised that mountains can indeed be moved and goals can be reached.

I love having freedom and to me this means that work has to become an interesting part of my life, it becomes fun and not a stress factor. When I am passionate about what I do, when I have found my purpose, it no longer becomes work to me, but my lifestyle that I love and enjoy. I want to work on my business. Not in my business. That means I want to be able to work from anywhere in the world, whenever and wherever I am. I want a mobile lifestyle. I want to achieve really big things because I want to give back to great value to the world and people who have not had the opportunity yet themselves. I want to enable people to have a chance in life. But also to allow others to be able to see that I have done it now they can do it too and I can show them how and inspire them to reach their goals and their full potential. I want to help people and the best thing is to turn people from a very negative situation to a very positive situation where they can live in freedom, joy and light. I very much want to help  people become financially free, secure and healthy spiritually, mentally and physically. This is why I was very excited when I recently could go to Stockholm to share the great news of what I have discovered with a group of Entrepreneurs and Investors. I had the opportunity to share with them the information given to me about the truly most exciting MLM company on the market today – The Wor(l)d Global Network and their Helo LX device that combines wellness, life sensing technology, fitness and security in to one little amazing and intelligent device. Please see the separate blog post in regards to this amazing device and business opportunity.

Thomas Vernholm 4.

Professionally I am a visionary sales and marketing professional. With an a proven track record in media sales, online and e-commerce sales marketing roles working closely for leading companies in Media, Insurance, Retail, Financial Investments, Technology, Wellness, Health and FMCG industries.

I would describe myself as a seasoned marketer and an enthusiastic sales person. In the last years I had the opportunity to specialise in wealth management, real estate investment, real estate sourcing. I love speaking about the opportunities that I can offer people that can help them in their lives. I thrive when I can be involved in creating opportunities that can change peoples lives both for them selves and their loved ones, but more importantly the world around them. When people find their purpose, their ‘why’ and is truly passionate about what they do, that changes everything. When we are financially free it changes the way we live: how we communicate, learn, do business, entertain ourselves, inform ourselves, motivate ourselves and solve complex (and very simple) problems. Most importantly it fills us with a strong want to give back and help other people find the same opportunities as we have found. When we realize how very fortunate and blessed we have become we want to give back, we start to think very big and we start wanting to change not only our own lives but the lives of others. What we really want to do at this stage is leave a legacy and really do our part to change the world for the better.

My goal is therefore to keep creating wealth opportunities for myself and everyone I do business with from now on end and for as long as I possibly can. One of my biggest inspirations have been Mr. J.T. Foxx, the worlds number 1 wealth coach who I find to be a simply amazing human being with a razor sharp mind and a heart of gold and you can read more about him and all what he has meant to me and my business partner in the last year in my post especially on J.T. Foxx that I have created about him here on my blog. Also if you have not yet visited one of his events, I really think that you should. They are free and you can find them here;