Great Plans For Africa is a start-up not for profit Charity Company Limited by Gurantee that will be serving the disadvantaged people of Kenya and Tanzania. Great Plans For Africa is a Charity organization that has as its aim to provide Kenya’s and Tanzania’s disadvantaged people with housing, education and skill training for women, children and young adults. It will offer assistance to women and young people, frequently homeless, as they move from dependent, often abusive relationships into independent, self-sufficient lifestyles where they are safe and secure.

Great Plans for Africa will provide clients within an eight-step program that teaches them necessary life skills. This collaborative approach to empowerment is the keystone to developing self-sufficiency in the clients. The steps include personal development, vocational training, interpersonal skills building, community involvement, leisure activities, and independent living skills.

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Great Plans For Africa’s investment focus is to incorporate business models that include development of low-cost private schools, teacher training, capacity building, education technology platforms, financing, content and delivery techniques and skills training programs as well as partnering with educational institutions, companies from both the private and public sector from around the world that are willing to offer Scholarships to promising and talented students. We also are looking for partners that are willing to offer internships and various forms of trainee ships that ideally will lead to a job oppurtunity and a great cultural exchange.

We want to empower people to look after themselves, their families and to become contributing citizens to their own communities. We do not want people to rely on Charity. We want to create a real and transforming change in people’s lives and offer them opportunities that takes them from one insufficient situation to a and a new improved and long lasting one. Our vision is to see people successful, empowered, free from poverty, substance abuse, bad health or in need of charity. We want to see people educated, independent and able to look after their families and communities at large.


Great Plans For Africa wants to abolish poverty in Africa. We want to do this through charitable donations that can be used to support early stage companies, entrepreneurs, scientists, developers and leaders financially and encourage this group of people from all over the world to handle the issue of poverty in Kenya and Tanzania together in a new way. These donations are then used to offer prosperity loans and is a debt or equity investment in an early-stage enterprise. This will then provide a population of insufficient means with the necessities to live such as housing, access to clean water, agricultural produce, health services, alternative energy, education, skill growth and work placements.

These type of investments will benefit both the investors, not due to immediate high returns, which is not our goal, but rather through the creation and development of companies based around great idea’s, green technology, scalability and a visionary mindset and a real market approach which will the enable both the social and financial returns that traditional philanthropy enables, that will enable people to live a dignified life and the financial returns for the investor that early start-up investments can generate. We want to create a win-win situation where we develop a ‘Start up platform’ where long-term value is given both to investors and to the Kenyan and Tanzanian people in need of a far better chance in life than what they initially were given. We plan that this investment platform will allow investors who are interested to make an impact and a real and longlasting change in this world through them investing in our African entrepreneurs and their companies. We plan for these investments to be used in companies that can grow sustainably in the long run. We are looking for investors and partners to invest in the investment model that we are developing and that is bridging the gap  between pure philantropy and donations to market efficient loans.  We want to invite investors to this investment model who have a high tolerance for risk, can accept to invest their capital in long-term what we have decided to call “Belief Venture Capital Loans”, are flexible to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. We want to offer our investors a return of capital through proof that the underlying enterprise can grow sustainably in the long run and hence will in the lon grun be profitable.


Great Plans For Africa wants to further improve the lives of low or no-income families through access to quality, affordable micro housing and so called ‘pods’ and these will be obtained from our producer Developods in the US who offer very affordable housing solutions.Housing is somethinge that there it is a desperate need for in both Tanzania and Kenya. Unicef estimated recently that there are 30 million street children in Africa and including adults the numbers are much higher but actually hard to estimate of all people who people live in slums, making up over a third of the world’s urban population. Seventy-five percent of the world’s poorest countries are located in Africa. This leads to many problems and results in poor health and a low level of security due to non-existing or inadequate housing. The need is obviously there for a change and we aim to be part of that change.

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This housing problem in Kenya and Tanzania, or in fact in all of Africa, allows people to be stuck in a very bad situation. This is a socio economic trap where it is very hard or rather impossible for people to have the living situation where they can increase their income through employment. It makes it also very hard for them to educate themselves or have the basic necessities of life to function, take care of themselves and their families or contribute to society. Our mission is to solve the homelessness crisis in Kenya and Tanzania, and eventually in many more countries in Africa. We want to build self-sustaining and environmentally-friendly communities in order to revive or build their economies and make them stronger, better and safer. This will be achieved through cooperation between the private and public sectors in Kenya and Tanzania and the funding and donations that we can get from global private donations, ambassadors and partner organizations around the world. We are planning to conduct our first international fundraising event in January 2018 in Dar es-Salaam and where all of the proceeds will go to our planned charity projects and for all of which we are in the planning process right now.